Our services

Our commitment is the cutting edge technology in the laundry service with most advanced cleaning solution, allowing us to achieve a top notch quality and care of your clothes.

We very carefully inspect each item and follow the manufacturers recommended care instructions. Any garment can be laundered, we will typically launder them, unless you specify otherwise.


We provide the best ironing service in Dubai, We collect your wrinkly garments, wash, iron and deliver back looking brand new! From the dress, shirts to cotton trousers, we’ll iron almost anything!


We custom fold each of your garment with at-most care in the right fashion it has to be folded, unless otherwise you want them to be folded in a specific style.

Dry cleaning

Once you’ve dropped off your garments we will separate out the whites from the colors before the process of dry cleaning, to keep your clothes as good as new when you pick it back.


Each garment that we bring in undergoes a thorough cleaning process, with an expert evaluation of the material followed by a professional clean using advanced cleaning techniques.


Not only our staff take extra care in washing clothes but also are very vigilant while drying we make sure every fabric is dried specifically not harming them or tainting their color.